Photographer, writer, sociologist, global citizen, longtime Washingtonian, and free spirit intrigued by the how and why of everything.  I work primarily in landscape, documentary, travel, and mixed media photography.  Exhibitions include the International Museum of Women, Art Soiree's Women in the Arts, and Nuit Cirque DC.

My artwork is inspired by universal human needs, the fluidity of identity, and conscious presence.  As an American by birth, Arab/Black/Asian/White by race, Muslim by upbringing, and global citizen by having lived in North America/Middle East/Asia/Europe, navigating identities has always been an amorphous and fluid experience.  I believe the lines we humans draw between us are illusory barriers based upon fear of the “other."  In my documentary work I try to convey our commonalities as fellow human beings in need of the same things: love, sustenance, shelter, security, opportunity — and to be fully seen and heard. My mixed media work blurs the lines between photography and painting as a commentary on the illusory nature of conscious reality versus the trance of existence. 

Serving as Managing Director of FotoDC, a regional annual photography festival, also informed the development of my artwork as I produced competitions, exhibitions, lectures, portfolio reviews, projections, and galas at galleries, museums, and embassies throughout the DC area.



For prints, commissions, freelance, or other inquiries, email me at maha (at) mahaalkhateeb (dot) com.  Join my mailing list for developments and events.